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Physical media is a dying art form. And I really do mean art form. The amount of effort, graphical and artistic tallent that goes into these are often left underappreciated. While anyone who works on the production of the movie or show itself gets a place in the credits, those who work hard for making your physical media experience a good one are usually left uncredited (as far as I have been able to find.)
Your DVD is a gateway into your viewing experience. From the spine you see on the shelf, to the cover, when you pop open that case and pull out the shiny disc, and finally the menu to guide you into your chosen movie or TV show... All of these work together to prepare you for your viewing experience--an experience sorely lacking in the streaming services we've grown accustomed to today.

There are very few places on the internet that I could find dedicated to sharing and reviewing physical media. You do have places like blu-ray.com that has very good documentation on what dvds have been released, but most of them only provide a front cover, and sometimes a back cover. Very rarely does this site share the disc art or the menu belonging to the release, let alone any other features such as inside covers, case quality, push buttons, bonus features, etc.

I've created this domain for the very purpose of reviewing and documenting physical media of shows and movies that I own. And if you want to read 1000+ word reviews about DVDs and Blu Ray releases, then this is the place for you! Although I doubt there would be many of you out there--I'd be confused (but flattered!) if there was. You're most welcome to browse around! Otherwise, I'll just go on ranting into the virtual void, which is fine too.

Not only is this site for reviewing DVD/Blu Rays, I sometimes even make my own DVDs if a movie or show I like doesn't have their own official physical release--or if they do, but deserve better.

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Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

I guess I could say that my pathway into making DVDs started some years ago, when I got a subtitle only copy of Children of the Whales (which will be reviewed later). Long story short, I was shocked and appauled at the quality of the disc--especially the menu. It was bare bones, in the wrong aspect ratio, and the menu buttons were CRISPY as hell. It was so bad, I had two thoughts. 1) While this show isn't amazing, it most certianly deserves something MUCH better than this for a physical release. And 2) I bet even I could do something better than that.

Fast forward some time later, we move on to another show that has nothing to do with Mao Mao. I had recently finished binging Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I was HOOKED. It instantly became one of my all time favourite shows. And with all movies and animated series I loved or cared about, I simply had to have a physical copy of it somewhere in my collection, so I set into looking around for a DVD or BluRay copy. I managed to find a copy, and at first I was surprised and delighted to find it was so cheap. But my delight quickly diminished as I realised that the reason it was so cheap was because it wasn't a complete series disc, but a disc that only held 5 episodes of the show--and 5 random episodes at that.

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