I recently got a bit of attention from the other day. You're all such wonderful people. I don't know what to say. I'm glad you seem to enjoy the concept I'm going for here. I hope you enjoy your visit.
I apologise if I don't reply to every comment, or my reply is short. While I have no problems talking at people via written word (clearly, with my 1000+ word blog pages,) I feel like I struggle talking to people. But I really do appreciate all your wonderful comments <3

I've finally set up the "my works" or "aceking archives" page (I couldn't really decide what to title it,) along with a blog page on one of my DVDs so it has something sitting in there. I'm excited to start sharing my own work.

I've also added another type of disc holder in my push buttons page.

In the next update I'm hoping to give the reviews archive a slight overhall--adding in a table to filter and sort the blog list. It's almost done, just needs a bit of styling, then it should be good to publish. Javascript is a whole nother ball park, and I don't like it. It's scary :) HTML and CSS I can at least understand what each component is doing when I look into it, but JS? No idea what's going on. I kinda just copied a publicly supplied JS code and I'm just kinda hoping for the best.
Anyway, look forward to seeing that in the next update.


Alright, I wont be adding to my updates/blog every time I post something, but I did clean up some stuff on the page layout. I moved the "my profile" button from being the second option in the navigation to the third last. While clicking around I found that I expected the 'reviews' to be the second option, even though that's not where I put it. So I moved it around. Also cleaned up some links so they're not https links and are instead direct links. Now that I worked out that's a thing I could do, should I ever move domain this will make everything work the same without having to go through and change all the links. Originally I thought it didn't work that way because I think, in the raw html file made through notes, it's not case sensitive, but on a domain, it is case sensitive, and for that reason some of my links weren't working. But they should be working now! So woop woop.

Also learned the clear:both html code, which makes formating around images much cleaner than using br fifty times. So, yay for that.

I would still really like to revamp the review archive page to look all nice, with filters and such. But I looks like getting what I want done with that will require learning javascript, which for some reason just is not wrapping around my head as simply as html and css. It might be a while yet before I brave that giant.

Other than that, I think my website is pretty much done, in terms of figuring out formatting and such! Not including my profile page, but that will look completely different to the rest of my website, and will practically be it's own thing. From here on, I'll just be filling out the archives with more reviews :)


Made a couple additions. The big one is a push buttons page. Every time I name a type of disc holder button, I will link to that button's description located on this page. That way I don't have to explain what I mean every time I mention a type of button, and the reader (or the void) can refer to that page with a visual and text description, as well as a brief rating to know my general feelings about that particular button.

I've also added a scoring page, and I've also plopped in a company review page, although that is currently just a placeholder with nothing in it. I won't get around to reviewing overall cocompanies for a while yet. I've added these links to the "reviews" page.


Hello internet! Hello Neocities! It's finally time to publish this website I've been working on, and start reviewing DVDs like the weird little dork that I am ^_^

I'm very excited to start working through all the DVDs and Blu Rays I've accumulated over the years. I have a good 60-70 DVDs here to get through...
collection of dvds and blu rays in a drawer
It's going to take me some time to get through them all. I am admittedly a little worried about the file size getting quite bit quite fast since I'll be doing quite a bit of image sharing... Hopefully it wont reach past 1GB too soon. I wouldn't mind upgrading my website, except I'm a little short for money at the moment. It wont be until late next year when I'll be in a position where I can splurge my money for that. But we're not there yet! Let's hope I can stretch this out :)

The website itself has a lot of work to do... I need to add a profile for a more personal image of myself, which I'll like to put other peoples neocities on, and maybe webrings, etc. There's a few pages I need to add, and I'll eventually need to overhaul the review page. Please bear with me, dear Void, while I work through that slowly. I might not be going too crazy with updates for the first short while, just because it's been a busy week for me. But I wanted to get this website up and running.

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